Aaron Tarnowski

Having spent most of his life living mere miles from the nearest shoreline, Aaron has always fostered a deep-rooted appreciation for the oceans and the power and beauty they bring to our world.  

Aaron has always focused on purpose-driven work that has a high social and environmental impact. Beginning with 3 years of design and 7 years of strategic planning in pediatric healthcare, Aaron orchestrated strategic master plans valued at over $3B into nurturing care initiatives and environments for healthcare systems across the United States. Aaron then transitioned into the forefront of innovation and applied his marketing and strategy skills in pioneering real-world applications of blockchain technology to projects ranging from the arts to environmental non-profits to the detailed flow of data within the global supply chain.

Now, Aaron has turned his attention to applying this wealth of experience to safeguard our precious marine ecosystems and the diverse life they support in his role at SeaSweepers.