Below you will find answers to how Sea Sweepers is making a difference and why you are an integral part of our mission to SAVE THE SEAS!

Ocean plastic upcycling is the process of transforming plastic waste collected from the ocean or coastal areas into new products with higher value and functionality. This approach aims to reduce the amount of plastic waste that ends up in the ocean and landfills, and to create a more sustainable and circular economy for plastics.

The process of ocean plastic upcycling involves several steps, including collection, sorting, cleaning, and processing of the plastic waste. Once the waste is cleaned and processed, it can be transformed into various products such as furniture, clothing, bags, and other consumer goods.

First and foremost, we believe in a doing it together approach. The future of our oceans and our planet will be built hand in hand with other like-minded organizations and if we haven't worked with you yet, we can't wait to do so!

SeaSweepers fits into our own category by providing a solution to the ocean plastic pollution crisis in a way that has never been accomplished before. We are working to build the first USA based upcycling center specifically designed for the removal and prevention of ocean polluting plastics. By doing this, we will provide a sustainable alternative across multiple industries to traditional virgin plastic, all while cleaning up our oceans.

Additionally, SeaSweepers is building a digital marketplace for authentic sustainable products, using innovative technologies such as blockchain to create a transparent and immutable product authentication and journey tracing method. This will help create a circular economy and prevent products generated from the SeaSweepers ecosystem from becoming waste and ending up back in the ocean.

SeaSweepers is a mission driven company, and we want that to be more than words.

One of our goals is to not only be an earth friendly role model for other for-profit companies, but to help build a world where ethical and sustainable businesses are supported, empowered and thrive.

That is why we are fully using the current product launches to fuel the future state of a circular sustainable supply chain through building earth positive manufacturing and commerce platforms we believe are required for a happy and healthy planet. Once these are in place, SeaSweepers will do just fine on the revenue front.

Unfortunately, as of 2023 most if not all traditional recycling centers do not recycle nets which makes up 40% of the plastics in the ocean.

Ghost nets are abandoned, lost, or discarded fishing nets that silently drift through our oceans, posing a severe threat to marine life and ecosystems. Often made from durable synthetic materials, these nets can persist in the environment for years or even decades, continuing to entangle and kill a wide range of marine species, including fish, sharks, turtles, whales, and seabirds. An estimated half million miles of fishing nets are abandoned in the ocean each year. 10% of all macro-plastic in the ocean is from ghost nets.

​Removing ghost nets from the ocean is a complex and resource-intensive task. Removal has a high entanglement risk to personnel and is very expensive due to the expensive machinery required to haul it out of the ocean. SeaSweepers works very closely with organizations like SeaShepard who are already solving the issues of removing the nets from the ocean. These nets will then be collected by us and upcycled in our future facility we are currently fundraising through this sale.

Microplastics are tiny particles of plastic, typically smaller than 5mm in size, that have become a significant concern in recent years. Research has revealed that microplastics are present in honey and even unborn babies!

Once in the ocean, microplastics are almost impossible to remove. Current filtration systems and vacuum-based devices have limited effectiveness. Many microplastics are created through the breakdown of plastics within the ocean, so prevention and removal is the best available solution. By upcycling ocean plastics and creating circular economy, SeaSweepers is ensuring reduction of new microplastics in the ocean.

100% of all profit from our initial sale will be used towards building the first North American ocean plastic upcycling center. Please follow us to track our progress as we embark on this exciting journey.

Every year, nearly a million miles of fishing net is lost or abandoned at sea, contributing to plastic pollution and greatly endangering marine life. These nets are designed to catch marine life and are meant to be unbreakable. They are called ‘ghost nets’ as they drift endlessly through the ocean, indiscriminately trapping and killing marine life.

Many bracelets that claim to support ocean conservation do little to remove these nets. However, the Unbreakable Bracelet removes ~10 inches of fishing gear from the ocean for each bracelet made, and the profits from the bracelets go to creating a new marine plastics recycling center based in the USA.

One million miles of ghost nets are introduced into the ocean each year.  To put things in perspective, we would need to make six billion bracelets just to equalize one single year of new ghost nets.

The minimalist design of the Unbreakable Bracelet is meant to raise awareness about this issue and encourage people to spread the word to keeping making small, yet meaningful, contributions to saving the ocean.  We're here to create a message of hope along with awareness, and our resolve to remove ghost nets and save marine life is even more unbreakable than the nets.

We are currently looking at potential sites in Florida that have easy access to the major highways and transportation routes along the coastal areas in North America.

We love our non-profit partners! Instead of competing with other non-profit agencies, we work closely with local and global non-profits who are cleaning up our oceans, and also partner with local organizations & communities to create a larger global impact. Sea Shepard, Shark Allies, CTBU are some of the partners that we work with.

Thank you for considering us for a donation. We are not accepting donations at this time.