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Our Mission

SeaSweepers is on a mission to create a new commercial ecosystem founded in removing ocean plastics that reimagines the sustainable supply chain.​

Both through direct impact of retrieving, cleaning and processing ocean plastics and by providing the digital platforms needed for sustainable businesses to thrive, we’re here to turn the plastic tide and save our seas.

Our Ecosystem

The SeaSweeper ecosystem is built on the belief that the responsibility for conservation work and protecting, healing and nurturing our seas belong to more than just non-profits. 

We believe that we can and must think about business differently, and that 'profits' and ethical, high impact sustainable business models don't have to be at the cost of each other. By creating a future focused, planet friendly commerce ecosystem, every one of us can make a huge difference for our oceans while creating a positive impact to our daily lives. 

Save lives, save the planet, support ethical businesses and go on a shopping spree. It's a concept that is truly giving.

Our Process

As part of our mission, it is important to connect with organizations that are on the front lines of ocean conservation and are working across the globe to help remove ghost nets and other dangerous marine plastics. Often these organizations have piles of ghost nets without any solution on what to do with them. That's where we come in.

Once we've established a connection within our collaboration process, we source the ghost nets and marine plastics from coast to coast and work with our partners to set up a continuous collection flow to keep us busy and keep them from being overwhelmed.

Then it's on the road and off to the marine plastics recycling center. Our approach is centralized in Florida to maximize the functionality of specialty processing and recycling equipment while having direct access to one of the predominant US coasts.

Each net and piece of plastic needs to be cleaned, prepped, crushed, ground, and organized to be turned back into a high-quality long-lasting product. Our system for processing includes specialty equipment to remove contaminants and get the job done so the pelletizing can begin.

If you've ever made pasta you'd probably find the similarities here to the pelletizing process. The recycled and cleaned plastic is melted down and run through an extruder, which is then chopped into small pellet pieces.

And then it's on to new life. From sunglasses to kitchenware to car parts, these pellets are the building blocks for everything you see out there made of plastics. Unlike the majority of pellets out there, ours bring with them a story. It's the story of the dolphin given life by not being caught in a net. It's the sea turtle that isn't swimming through an ocean of microplastics. It's the puffin who didn't mistake plastic for food.

Our Team

Naveen Sydney

Founder & CEO
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Taryn Larock

Founder & CSO

Silvio Pupo-Casco


Dr. John Hutchinson

Chief Research Engineer

Julio C. Cassels

Business Development

Aaron tarnowski


Katie Hutchinson

Head of Marine Ecology

Our Partners

Our Advisors

Andrea Bartzen

Investor Relations

Alex Nascimento

Web3 & Investor Relations
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Jim Blasco

Web3 Relations



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