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Let's Talk About Ghost Net Fabrics

We're here to make an impact in one of the most challenging and important ways we possibly can:

Turning the tide on the ghost net crisis and ocean plastic pollution.

Ghost nets, also known as abandoned, lost or otherwise discarded fishing gear (ALDFG), are a significant contributor to plastic pollution in the ocean. It is estimated that 640,000 tons of ghost nets are added to the ocean each year, entangling and killing marine life and shredding into particles that add to the oceans micro plastics.

SeaSweepers understands the severity of the issue and is committed to finding solutions to preserve earth's oceans and marine life. Our activewear and swimwear is crafted from unique eco-friendly material using 78% regenerated yarn created from upcycled ghost nets and 22% lycra, allowing the fit to be as soft and comfortable as it is meaningful. It also uses skin safe and eco-friendly dyes and is sunscreen, oil, and chlorine resistant. Yep, it's really that cool.

In addition, as a US based company, we are working to keep things local, and all of our swimwear and activewear is hand crafted in Miami and custom made to order.